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Thai Pomelo Salad with Tofu

Thai Pomelo Salad with Tofu

Thai Pomelo Salad with Tofu -

Som-O (pomelo in Thai) salad is among my favorite Thai salads. It tastes refreshing, sweet, sour and hot all at the same time. You can prepare it with chicken, prawns and in my case, with Tofu. The tofu is first steamed with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, which adds a subtle depth of flavor. Do I still need to emphasis the benefits of eating Tofu and Pomelo? 

PS: once the dressing is added, the salad needs to be served straight away to prevent it from getting too soggy.

Serve 2

What you'll need:

1/2  pomelo

100 g Tofu, cut into quarters

1 stick of lemon grass, cut into 2 inches length and crushed it with side of the knife

2 kaffir lime leaves, cut into thin slices

1 bird's eye chili, finely chopped


1/2 tbs Thai fish sauce

1 clove garlic, grated or finely chopped

1/2 tsp palm sugar or regular sugar

juice of half lime

1/2 tbs coriander, roughly chopped

1/4 cup unsalted cashew nuts, lightly toasted

How it's made:

1. Prepare the dressing: mix fish sauce, sugar, garlic, chili and lime juice together and set aside.

2. Peel the pomelo and then separate the segments.  

3. Steam Tofu along with the lemon grass and lime leaves for approx. 5-7 mins. Leave to cool and then discard lemon grass and lime leaves.

4. In a large mixing bowl, mix together pomelo and tofu, stir in dressing and combine well. Top with cashew nuts and coriander and serve.

Thai Pomelo Salad with Tofu -
Thai Pomelo Salad with Tofu -
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