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Where to Stay in Napa Valley, California - Solage Resort

Where to Stay in Napa Valley, California - Solage Resort


Accommodation: Solage, An Auberge Resort

Restaurants: Solbar

Napa Valley is back! As many of you have known, Napa Valley has experienced one of the most devastating and deadly wildfires in history in Oct this year. More than 2,000 homes and shops were destroyed and some even lost their lives. Living in the San Francisco South Bay Area, we have been watching the event closely and pray for those who have been affected to recover soon. Thanks to the first responders, the fire is now finally put off.

Last weekend, at the last minute, we decided to drive up to Napa to spend the weekend there and check out the conditions of the valley.  We were so glad to see that Napa is back to its original self and as beautiful as ever. We were greeted with beautiful sunny days and spectacular views of grapes turning into their fall colors. 

We stayed at the wonderful Solage, an Auberge Resort for two nights. This is one of the most popular resorts in Napa and one of the leading hotels in the world. And I can totally understand why! To start with, the guests do not stay in a room, but a little villa (a house), which has a spacious bedroom with plenty of storage space, huge bathroom, and an outdoor patio, which is blended harmoniously into the beautiful garden of the hotel. The grounds of the resort are meticulously kept throughout and the entire resort has such a relaxed feel. You can find lots of olive trees bearing almost-ripe olives (I was told that the harvest is in two weeks), strawberry trees, and many white roses, but also many other exotic tropical trees and plants. Secondly, there are those little details everywhere around the resort that made us feel welcome and smile. The soft and comfortable white bed linens; the spa-quality amenities in the bathroom, chocolate, milk and cookies at the evening turndown service, and more. Moreover, the staff around the hotel are really friendly, helpful, which made us feel welcome and special. Want to give special thanks to Joe the Director of Operations who could not have been more helpful and pleasant - he really put our stay over the top!!!


Now let's talk about the has been years since my husband and I did a couple treatment and so we decided to treat ourselves this time. This was the best decision ever! The overall spa area is clean, beautiful, and tranquil. We did both a mudslides treatment, followed by a couple massage. The mudslide was super fun and special, which we have never done anything like that before. First, we chose a special oil blend that added into the freshly made mud paste, then we were led into a big heated room, where we could apply the mud onto ourselves. Then we waited for the mud mask to dry before showed it off. The room is equipped with a special ceiling shower, which was really a fun and special experience! And our therapists brought us to the treatment rooms, where we received our massages. It was one of the best treatments we ever had. The treatment was clean, beautiful and relaxing. The techniques of the therapist were just amazing. They were gentle, but at the same time effective. We both felt so relaxed and energized after the massages. In addition to the treatment, all the hotel guests can enjoy the complimentary thermal pool (bath house), steam room, and other spa facilities. If you ever stay at the resort, we highly recommend you to experience their spa service. 

Ok, now the verdict on food! We had the pleasure of dining in the Michelin rated restaurant in Solage - Solbar three times during our stay. I know, we could have ventured out and tried something different. But this restaurant was so good and I really wanted to savor different dishes while we were there. The Italian chef Massimo Falsini (@chefmassimofalsini) was so kind and presented many of their signature dishes to us. They were all not only beautifully plated, but also absolutely delicious! What I love most about chef Falsini is his approach to cooking. He used mainly locally sourced ingredients and only work with farmers that produce and farm in a sustainable way. There were so many thoughts behind each dish and he really tries to use each ingredient in a different and innovative way. I will just let the images below speak for themselves. And PS: their lemon ricotta pancakes and homemade donuts are definitely not to be missed!!! 


And if you get a chance, please do visit Napa Valley. They really could use some supports at moment. We can't wait to go up again!

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