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Pismo Beach, California, USA

Pismo Beach, California, USA

Pismo Beach, California, USA - by Madeline Lu @lumadeline

I hardly believe we are still in California when we arrived at Pismo Beach! Miles and miles long soft sandy beach stretched out as far as our eyes could see. Behind the beach is the miles and miles of sand dunes, which made you think you are somewhere in the Sahara desert rather than California. One particularly unique experience at Pismo beach is to drive on the beach. There are very few places in California, which welcome vehicles onto its shore. It was such a free feeling to wheel around on the soft sand and splash through the low tide. 

What to see and do:

Pismo Beach is full of secret spectacles, from natural wonders to manmade gems, that you have to see to believe!

Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove

Every Fall and Winter, hundreds of thousands of orange and black butterflies seek refuge from the cold in Pismo Beach. From late October to February, the butterflies cluster into the limbs of large Eucalyptus trees, making it look like the tree itself is breathing!

Pismo Coves and Caves

Wander through the mesmerizing caves of Pismo Beach! The โ€œDinosaur Cavesโ€ are located on the northern end of Pismo Beach, varying in color, shape, and texture. Explore the caves and witness the most incredible view as the sunbeams peek in.

Rent an ATV or Buggy and Explore the Sand Dunes

The sand dunes that roll up and down for miles are perfect for a steady but speedy race. We rented a buggy on one day for the entire family and had so much fun with it. And the next day, the kids rode on the ATVs to test their own skills and enjoyed immersely. 

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