Stedsans_ CleanSimpleLocal (Copenhagen, Denmark)

12 September 2015

It was on Instagram, I first came across Stedsans. The pictures of their rooftop garden grabbed my attention straight away and I put it down on my To-Eat list in Copenhagen. So when I finally visit the city, I made my stop there. 

Mette and Flamming (wife and husband duo) are the owners as well as the chefs of Stedsans. They are one of the nicest people I have ever met, but what impressed me most was their passion for eating local, organic and sustainable food. While they are cooking for their guests, they are also demonstrating and educating their guests about the benefits of eating locally produced food. Apart from some special ingredients they retrieve from the local farmers, the rest they use from the rooftop garden. Just look at the pictures below and imagine how amazing it is to cookwith those fresh vegetables and herbs! When I first walk on the rooftop, the smell of the vegetables, flowers and herbs just blew me away.

Different from other typical gourmet restaurants, Stedsans gives you that kind of warming, friendly, fun, and relaxed atmosphere during dining. The guests are welcomed to walk to the kitchen and talk to the chefs while they are cooking. That's exactly what I did. While watching Flamming and his assistant prepping and cooking, I was astonished how simple and "not advanced" their kitchen was (I think you and me have better kitchen equipments than these chefs at Stedsans), and yet the food they preparing tasted so fresh, delicious and made you yarning for more. If you ever go to Copenhagen, this place should not be missed.