About me

Hi, my name is Madeline Lu (陆佳). I am a freelance and self-taught photographer and blogger. I live in San Francisco South Bay, California, with my husband and two kids.

Originally, I am from China, but have left the country to explore the world since 2000. Since then, I have lived in Canada, UK, Switzerland, and Germany before moving to the U.S. Before I became a Mom and photograher, I used to work for Goldman Sachs in London.

As a family, we love eating healthy food and going on adventures! We have been blessed to make memories in over 31 countries and counting. We truly believe traveling is the best gift we can offer to our children to help them appreciate how wonderful this world is and how diverse different cultures are. I hope our travels can inspire you to take your own trips, esp. with the kids. Feel free to send us any questions you may have.

Thank you for stopping by! 

Madeline, xoxo